About us

We are a dynamic company in the field of real estate, giving you the opportunity to choose between 30,000 properties that meet your requirements.

     However, our services do not stop there.

We can provide you with any kind of legal support at all stages of your investment or purchase. We can also take any legal action required for a “golden residence permit”, the issue of which is provided by Greek law for property purchases of over 250,000 euros.

Also, with the help of our associates, we can best support you in the selection of the property that is right for you, in the preparation of the business plan for its most profitable use, as well as in matters related to the study, reconstruction and shaping the interior and exterior of your property.

     With consistency, accountability and professionalism, we are ready to respond to any of your demands, standing next to you at any stage of your investment, both during and after implementation.

With us everything is easier …